10 Home Remedies To Reduce Water Retention

Water retention is often accompanied with pain and swellings in the feet and the torso. It’s a a rather uncomfortable and painful condition.

Edema is the medical term for water retention, and it describes the accumulation of excess fluids in the body. It can be caused by many factors, and in this article we give you 10 natural remedies to reduce swellings.

The swellings in your legs and torso can be quite painful, and sometimes the condition transfers to the joints, making them stiff. High blood pressure, weight gain, and rapid heartbeat are some of the accompanying symptoms.

Edema is caused by medication, physical inactivity, salt, vitamin deficiencies, contraceptive pills, etc. sometimes it occurs as a result of hot weather and altitudes.

In some cases, the condition is caused by poor circulation, thyroid malfunction, vascular disorders, liver issues, allergies, pregnancy, hypertension, stress, dehydration, heart issues, and kidney disorders.

Try the following home remedies to improve your condition:


  1. Parsley

It’s the most common natural remedy for water retention. Make yourself a cup of parsley tea. Steep a few teaspoons of dried parsley for 10 minutes. Drink your tea three times a day. You can always add fresh lemon juice to boost its efficacy.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Compounds in apple cider vinegar lower sodium levels in your body. Sodium contributes to your problem, so try to use apple cider vinegar more often. Add a teaspoon of the vinegar to a glass of water. Drink this twice a day.

For optimal results, add a tablespoon of the vinegar. You can also try hot foot soaks. Pamper your feet for 10 minutes.

This simple remedy will reduce your swellings, and also remove unpleasant odors.

  1. Cranberry juice

Fresh cranberry juice stimulates the urinary tract. It’s packed with calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Drink a cup of unsweetened cranberry juice every day. You can also try the pill form.

  1. Dandelion

Research has shown that dandelion stimulates the urinary tract as well. It drops sodium levels, and provides a healthy portion of potassium. Magnesium in dandelion reduces heavy bleeding.

Boil a teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain, and drink your tea. For optimal results, drink your dandelion tea several times a day.

Dandelion pills work well, but consult your doctor before you start your dandelion treatment, because it may hinder the effect of certain medication.

  1. Onion

Onions cleanse blood, and stimulate the urinary tract. This helps in the prevention of kidney stones. Peel and dice a few onions. Boil them in 4 cups of water. Some like to add some salt to this. Drink the liquid three times a day. For optimal results, do the treatment for a few days.

  1. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds have strong diuretic effect. The tiny seeds improve the function of your kidneys which prevents the accumulation of toxins, and enhances digestion.

Steep a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain, and drink your tea three times a day.

  1. Epsom salt

Epsom salt baths reduces bloating and water retention. These baths work on the principle of reverse osmosis. Enjoy a nice hot bath to get rid of excess fluids and toxins.

Hot baths re a nice way to relax, and soothe the body. Add two cups of Epsom salt to your bath, and soak in for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy your Epsom salt baths three times a week.

  1. Stinging nettle root

It’s an excellent diuretic, and you can use it to relieve your problem. Steep a teaspoon of the root in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy your tea.

  1. Lemon juice

Fresh lemon juice eliminates fluids toxic waste. Have you ever tried warm lemon water? If the answer is no, now is the real time to try it. Add a tablespoon of honey if you like it sweet. Drink this every morning before you eat or drink anything.

  1. Essential oils

Aromatherapy works excellent for your problem. Add 20 drops of any oil to your bath. Soak in for 10 minutes. Do this three times a week. Geranium, cypress, and juniper essential oils work amazing.

If you’re having issues with our face, eat celery, cucumber, cabbage, watermelon, bananas, pineapples, and watercress. These are natural diuretics.

Drink plenty of water to keep your tissues hydrated. Be more active, and stay away from alcohol and salt.

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