Coca-Cola Recalls Dasani Water After Clear Parasite Worm Was Found In Bottles Across U.S.

Have you heard of Dasani water? Or maybe you are one of those who consume it regularly? However, we have some interesting information.

Recently, news came up that Coca-Cola Co. recalled thousands of bottles of Dasani water because they were contaminated with a parasite. And, as a result of this parasite, hundreds of people were hospitalized with symptoms like vomiting, fever, rashes, and stomach bloating.

In January, Coca-Cola admits that their Dasani water is not what people thought it was. It is only “purified” water, with fancy looking bottle, and expensive price. People consider that this water is far better than the tap one, and actually they were drinking the tap water.

Their company says that the water full of minerals and purified from impurities. But, the parasites which were found in probably escape their “water cleansing system”. The facility for production of the water was shut down by the Food and Drug Administration.

We recommend you not to use this water. And if you choose to drink it, you must boil it first because the process of boiling can kill the parasite. And, if parasite enters in your stomach membrane and intestine, a whole new generation of parasites will be made. So in order to maintain your body health, it is of great importance to avoid this water!

Source: Healthy Living House

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