Interesting discovery: Potatoes cooked eight min, can make a battery that will produce ten times more energy than raw potatoes!video-heres-used-energy-form-cooked-potato-light-room-month


Haim Rabinovitch, professor of agriculture and science, revealed that if you use units that are made of quarter potato slices located between the zinc anode and copper cathode linked with wire you could light the room. You won’t need LED lights for approximately 40 days.

This discovery could significantly facilitate the lives of people who live in underdeveloped areas of the world.

But, the question is: why potatoes?

• The world has endless quantities of potatoes.
• They grow almost everywhere, including subtropical and tropical climate.

Potato is not a source of energy.

It acts as a connection between the metals and it allows electrons to go freely in the wire. That is how it helps for electricity production.

source: choose healthy life