Doctors Are Stunned! Supplying This One Mineral Cured Arthritis In 97% Of Patients In 4 Weeks!

Did you know that US copper pennies made before 1982 were 95% copper and 5% zinc? This means that the pennies are worth more than their calculated value. Copper pennies can help you relieve muscle or joint pain, so you better keep them always on hand.

Cramping at night

Night cramps are irritating and stubborn. Sometimes you are even forced to cry, and it seems like the cramp just won’t go away. Introduce healthy eating habits, and consider treating your cramps naturally.


The causes vary in every person, but all sufferers share a few common causes:

  • Hyperventilation – low levels of CO2 and O2 lead to “overexcitement” of nerve cells and uncontrolled contraction of muscle fiber. Fast and heavy breathing causes this in muscles and nerves responsible for your cramps.

Insufficient water intake affects cells, tissues and muscles. Cramps are nothing but your muscles’ reaction when the body is dehydrated.

  • Overworked/stress muscles and joints

Hard workout may be the reason of your night cramping

Mineral deficiencies and poor intake of foods rich in mineral cause leg cramps. Potassium, calcium, and magnesium prevent cramps.

Use copper pennies to prevent leg cramps

Always keep your copper pennies on your night table. Apply them on the affected body part, and hold them on for a few minutes. Your pain will disappear instantly.

Copper-rich water will also help you prevent leg cramps.

Copper pennies and arthritis joint pain

Johnny Franks, 85, has been dealing with arthritis for 15 years. He was unable to bend his knees, and the pain was agonizing. Franks couldn’t afford an expensive treatment, and made his own insoles using four copper coins and a super-cheap shoe protector. He felt better within a month, and today Franks considers himself “cured.” Walking has never been easier, and the pain is finally gone.

Keith Young

Keith Young, 69, couldn’t play golf after arthritis “killed” both his knees. He was even advised to do a knee replacement surgery. Young was a passionate scuba diver and fisherman, but his weight and pain kept him away from his favorite hobbies. His arthritis was so severe, and Franks even used a walking stick and painkillers on a daily basis. Frank was unable to play golf and walk with his lovely wife, Elsa.

Elsa read about the Copper Heelers, and bought her husband two of them. Keith was more mobile in the first week, and he could enjoy his favorite walk with Elsa. After five weeks, Keith walked freely in the countryside.

“My pain has gone. I am no longer depressed and have cut right back on the painkillers,” said Keith.

Copper bracelets and transdermal micronutrition

Copper bracelets and copper water can give your body enough copper, and help you deal with ailments triggered by copper deficiency.

Copper bracelets are popular today, and people use them to relieve pain and other ailments caused by copper deficiency. Copper is efficient in the treatment of migraine, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other aches.

What makes copper this powerful?

Have you ever heard of the “Theory of Trapped Electricity?” According to this concept, electricity is the main cause of chronic pain. Damaged nerves trap electricity and cause pain, burning, swelling, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, headaches, etc.

Constant pain is a sign that your pain signals are constantly running through your neurological system that release “tons” of electricity.

Copper is an important mineral, and every cell in your body uses it. Copper, iron and zinc make the powerful trio of essential minerals. Copper activates enzymes that act as catalyst in some biochemical reactions. Insufficient level of copper shuts down enzymes, and make you prone to diseases.

Human body only has 50-120mg copper, but this is just enough for your optimal health.

Copper conducts electricity, and holding it on your body can help you relieve pain. you can feel the throbbing sensation, heat or ache, but fear not, as this means that the copper pulls out trapped electricity. If the pain won’t go away, walk barefoot in the park for 10-15 minutes to free your body from the electricity.

You can hold the copper pennies at any part of the body, as it’s absorbed by the skin, and later carried through the body.

Source: Juicing For Health

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