Prepare Ginger in This Ancient Way – It Can Help Prevent Cancer, Treat Arthritis And Lower Cholesterol

Fermented foods go through a process of lacto-fermentation in which natural bacteria feed on sugar and starch in the food, thus producing lactic acid. This process protects the foods and forms various probiotics, B vitamins, and beneficial enzymes. Fermented foods are very popular worldwide, and a number of people tend to use these extremely beneficial foods, from sauerkraut and kimchi to kombucha.

These foods can bring beneficial bacteria into the digestive system and maintain a balance of the bowel health due to their abundance of probiotics. As a result, the function of the digestive enzymes to absorb food is significantly improved. Moreover, probiotics can strengthen the immune system, and support the production of antibodies, preventing a number of illnesses and diseases.

One of the most common ingredients in fermented foods is ginger due to its numerous benefits. It can treat various diseases, soothe inflammation and even fight cancer. The active compound in ginger is gingerol known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, ginger has the ability to reduce high blood sugar, treat nausea, lower the levels of LDL and lower heart diseases.

Fermented Ginger

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 organic ginger root, peeled and sliced (the size depends on the jar you have)
  • 1 tablespoon organic turmeric root powder
  • 1 tablespoon Himalayan sea salt
  • 1 organic lemon, freshly squeezed


Soak the ginger in water for 15 minutes then use a spoon to scrape the skin off. If you have a small jar, make sure that the ginger root is the size of your hand. Add the lemons juice and make sure that the ginger is covered completely. Then, add the sea salt and turmeric and wait until they dissolve. You should pour it all over the ginger in the jar and make sure to close it tight. Keep it at room temperature for 2 weeks in order to ferment. To obtain the benefits of the lacto fermentation, make sure not to cook them, but to serve them on the side of a dish.

Ginger Bug

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons organic ginger root, grated
  • 2 tablespoons raw organic honey
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • A quart or 1/2 gallon-size jar


You should add the sugar to the water which needs to be at room temperature, so the sugar can dissolve easily. Then, add the rest of the ingredients, cover with a cloth and make sure to secure with a rubber band. Keep adding all the ingredients listed above on every 24 hours, without removing anything. From time to time stir to make sure it is aerated, and after a while, you will notice bubbling. Check regularly to ensure that nothing is growing inside the container. After 1 week the ginger bug will be ready, so you can add it to a glass of water and consume it.

Ginger Bug – The Happy Pear – Fermented Gingerade

Source: Healthy Food Plans

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