Relieve Throat And Lung Mucus With Only One Sip Of This Amazing Drink: The Results Are Immediate!

Here in this article we will show you the recipes for various healthy drinks that will help you straighten your immunity and prevent the occurrence of various diseases. In addition you must know that these drinks also have anticancer effect and have the ability to kill cancer cells and cysts. Also these drinks will help you throw out toxins from your body and will improve your digestion. These drinks will help you fight cough and inflammations and will help you get rid of the mucus.

When it comes to colds you should know that this mucus is normal, but if not treated it can lead to serious conditions, such as clogging the airways and infections.

Therefore, you must not neglect even the slightest infection because neglecting it can lead to more severe conditions.

Ginger tea:

  • 6-7 pieces of ginger
  • water
  • a little bit of lemon juice
  • half a teaspoon of black pepper


For preparing this tea fist you need to take 2 cups of water and pour them in a pot. Then you need to bring the water to a boiling point. As soon as the water starts to boil you need to add the ginger and the pepper. Next thing you need to do is cook this mixture for about 15 to 20 minute.

After that you need to put this mixture aside in order to cool. When the mixture is all cooled down you need to strain. Finally you can add the lemon juice.

As for the consummation, you need to drink 2 cups of this tea every day.

Turmeric and salt

Take a tablespoon of turmeric and put it in a glass of warm water. Add half a teaspoon of salt and gargle with this mixture. Hold this mixture in your mouth for few moments and then spit it out. Repeat the procedure several times.

Rosemary inhalation

Take 4 cup of water and pour them in a pot. Now add half a tablespoon of rosemary and half a tablespoon of incense in the water. Bring this mixture to a boiling point. Then you need to remove the pot from the heat and breathe in the steam from this mixture for about 10 minutes. You will feel an immediate relief.

Lemon and honey

Squeeze out the juice from half or from whole lemon and add one or two tablespoons of honey to the lemon juice. Drink this mixture and you will be better. This mixture will strengthen your immune system and will give you energy. You can add a little bit of cinnamon to it in order to improve the taste.

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