The Tennis Ball Trick That Can Relieve Back, Neck or Knee Pain in Seconds

Myofascial pain is a condition in which patient’s hands feel still, and the knee pain is unbearable.

It occurs after repeated contraction of muscles which adds additional pressure on the sensitive parts of the body. But, a simple tennis ball can do the trick for you. Its rubbery elasticity is the thing you need.

Strained neck

You often end your working day with a strained neck, right? It’s because the muscles in your neck are inactive for most of the day. Lie on your back, and support the base of your skull with two tennis balls. Start nodding your head up and down to “nestle” the balls in your neck. Do the same thing, but this time turn your head from side to side.

Uncomfortable shoulders

This exercise is excellent for shoulder pain. Lie on the back, and place the ball right behind the shoulder blade. Roll over it, and massage our shoulder.

Tight chest

Stand against a wall, and place the ball right below your clavicle. Take deep breaths, and work from side to side so that the tennis ball moves along your upper chest area.

Aching back

Back pain is often caused by long sitting hours, uncomfortable shoes or improper sleeping position. Lie on your back, and place two tennis balls under the spot where your ribs and tailbone meet. Rock your pelvis from side to side, and let the ball massage your back. For optimal results, do this for a few minutes, and don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Aching hands

Place the ball under your hand, and apply additional pressure with your other hand. Press hard, and move the ball around for 3 minutes. Switch hands.

Improper body posture

Lie on your back, and place two balls on each side of the upper part of your neck. Put your hands behind the head. Lower your chin towards your chest, and elevate the hips. Take three deep breathes, and let the balls roll against your upper back for 4 minutes.

Aching hips

Lie on one side, and roll your hip against the ball. Do 12 repetitions with each hip.

Sore thighs

Sit in a chair, and place two balls on the outer part of your thigh. Bend, and slowly straighten your knee. Do 30 repetitions and switch sides.

Cramped knees

Sit in a chair, and place the ball under your knee. Squeeze the ball using your leg muscles. Do 10 repetitions, and switch legs.

Sore feet and plantar fasciitis

This is a common muscle issue, and occurs as a result of uncomfortable shoes. Stand on the tennis ball, and roll it in every direction. Do this for a minute, and switch feet.


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