This Super-Healthy Leaf is Able to Remove Varicosity in Veins, Pain in Joints, Lack of Memory and Headaches…

Have you ever seen a laurel shrub?

It’s an aromatic evergreen shrub, and you probably use its leaves to give a pleasant scent to your dishes. But, laurel leaves can do a lot more than make your food smell nice.

Health benefits:
  • Cleanses colon
  • Calms nerves
  • Proper cognitive function
  • Relieves pain
  • Treats varicose veins
  • Reduce swelling
  • Boosts immunity
  • Laurel oil
  • 30 bay leaves 250ml olive oil

Crush the leaves, and add in your oil. Transfer the mixture to a jar, and store it in a dark and cool place for two weeks. Don’t forget to put the lid on.

Shake the content once in a while. Strain the oil using a gauze, and keep it in a clean container. For optimal results, keep the oil in a cold room.

Health benefits
  • Use the oil when massaging sore joints
  • It’s the best remedy for ear ache and migraine
  • Rub it onto your temples to relieve headaches
  • Use it to treat fever and reduce body temperature
  • It enhances digestion
  • Aids in the treatment of renal and hepatic issues
  • It relieves skin issues
  • Use it to treat acne and pimples