Why Men Should Never Suffer From Vitamin D Deficiency!

According to newest research done in Italia, low levels of vitamin D increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. 143 men with different degrees of erectile dysfunction were tested and the results showed that almost half had vitamin D deficiency, while only one of five had optimal amount of vitamin D in the body.

The ones with the highest degree of erectile dysfunction had 24% lower levels of vitamin D, unlike those with a lower degree. The absence of vitamin D encourages the production of super oxidative ions. They’re responsible for damaging the nitrogen oxide, a molecule which aids the blood vessels’ proper functioning.

Nitrogen oxide enables the relaxation of the blood vessels which increases the blood flow through the body, thus, directly influencing normal erection. However, without the needed amount of nitrogen oxide, the blood vessels cannot pump the needed amount of blood.

Therefore, men need to be out in the open as much as possible in order to accumulate more of this sun vitamin or intake it through supplements or foods rich in vitamin D like fish, fish oil, and egg yolk.





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