World’s Most Popular Multivitamin is Useless And Contains Toxic Chemicals and Artificial Colors

Vitamin deficiencies cause a wide array of symptoms, including pale or yellow skin tone, mental confusion, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, unsteady movements, forgetfulness, etc.

Pharmaceutical magnates have come up with some pretty efficient solutions for vitamin deficiencies.


Centrum is a world popular multivitamin brand. A single capsule can give you the nutrients your body needs. Can it get better than this? No, and this is actually the worst way of getting these nutrients.

Regular use of this pills will only affect your money.

The sales of this brand are estimated to $189.6, which makes it the second largest US multivitamin brand. It is produced by Pfizer, one of world’s hugest pharmaceutical companies.

This is quite a popular company, but nobody forgot its health care frauds and illegal marketing scandals. Well, it is a multi-billion dollar advertising we are talking about.

We have listed the ingredients Centrum products contain:

  1. Minerals and vitamins with poor absorption

Calcium Carbonate – This form of calcium is the least absorbable of all forms in the market, and the human body can process just a part of it.

DL-Apha Tocopherol – It is a synthetic form of E supplement. The body excretes it three times faster than the natural form.

Nickelous Sulfate and Tin – Minerals bound to sulfates are poorly absorbed in the body.

Ferrous Fumarate – It causes constipation that increases the level of unfriendly flora. It also weakens the immune system, causes gastrointestinal issues, and nutrient absorption problems.

Talc – It contains oxygen, magnesium, silicon, and asbestos. It causes cancer, you already know that.

  1. Fillers and binders

BHT – It has a disastrous effect on the lungs, liver, thyroid, and kidneys. This preservative affects coagulation, and may trigger the development of tumors.

Pregelatinized Corn Starch – It is a no-use binder made from GMO corn. You know what GMOs do to your body, right?

Hydrogenated Palm Oil – The processing makes palm oil rancid, and turns it into a dangerous free radical that causes heart disease and cancer.

Gelatin – Not recommended for vegans and vegetarians.

Sodium Benzoate – Although it is commonly used, this preservative causes organ toxicity.

Sodium Aluminosilicate – This food additive damages organs. It is the reason why table salt is that bad for your health.

  1. Artificial colors

FD&C Yellow No.6 Aluminum Lake – It is obtained from coal tar, a reproductive toxin that triggers the development of adrenal tumors in lab animals.

Choose the best multivitamin

Your multivitamin should contain no additives and artificial colors, so the body can absorb the vitamins. Buy your multivitamins in a healthy food stores.

Cheap multivitamins do not help you. These harm health and cause severe ailments like depleted cognitive functions, cardiovascular issues, and acute respiratory tract infections. These are more dangerous to women, as their ingredients cause cancer and even death.

Try to get your nutrients from food. But, if you still decide to go for supplements, try the following brands:

  • Metagenics
  • Solgar
  • Garden of Life
  • Douglas Labs

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