You Need to Perform These 12 Simple Exercises If You Want to Improve the Appearance of Your Butt and Legs

Nike trainer Alex Silver-Fagan says that squats are of key importance when it comes to building a nice butt and toned legs.

You can also try a combination of several exercises.
Exercise every day – it will only take you 15 minutes. You don’t have to leave your home, and the results will be visible within a few weeks.

1. Squats matter

2. Try squats with a kick back to tone your butt.

3. Sumo squats work on several muscle groups.

4. Sumo squats and outstretched arms provide a cardio boost.

5. Jump squats tone arm muscles.

6. Sumo for oblique muscles will shrink your waist.

7. Narrow squats with feet close together is a nice warm-up for pistol squats.

8. Pistol squats should be done with a support, as they are quite challenging.

9. Split squats strengthen buttocks, calf muscles and thighs.

10. Curtsy squats employ several groups of muscles.

11. Side squats work on lower body. Have you ever heard of the lateral motion exercise?

12. Pop squats relax muscles after the antecedent, and add a nice cardio boost.


One week workout plan

Day 1
• 10 repetitions of Basic Squats
• 5 repetitions of Squats with Kickback on both legs
Day 2
• 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats- outstretched arms
• 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats
Day 3
• 10 repetitions of Jump Squats
• 5 repetitions of Squats for oblique muscles on both legs
Day 4
• 5 repetitions of Pistol Squats on both legs
• 10 repetitions of Narrow Squats
Day 5
• 5 repetitions of Curtsy Squats on both legs
• 5 repetitions of Split Squats on both legs
Day 6
• 10 repetitions of Pop Squats
• 5 repetitions of Side-step Squats on both legs
Day 7
• 10 repetitions of Sumo Squats
• 5 repetitions of Squats for oblique abdominal muscles on both legs

Do these exercises during the entire week.