You Want To Quit Smoking? Use This Herb And It Will Destroy Your Desire For Nicotine

Smoking is the worst habit one can have, and it’s definitely the addiction you need to treat as soon as possible.

Smokers have hard times giving up on their cigarettes, and this is considered as a withdrawal phase that’s often accompanied with terrible discomfort.

According to a German study, stevia can help individuals to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. It belongs to the chrysanthemum family, and it’s native to Paraguay.

The study has shown that stevia inhibits stubborn cravings, and blocks the signals. Take stevia once your craving strikes, and you will soon feel better. You can use it as a pill, powder or a liquid.

It is also beneficial in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Some use it to nourish and tighten their skin or treat dermatitis.

Grow your own stevia

Stevia loves warm weather, and it survives in zones 9 and warmer. Sometimes it grows back in spring. When grown properly, it can also survive in zone 8.

Plant your stevia in 12-inch containers and always use high-quality soil. Keep it in direct sunlight, and water it only when you notice that the soil is dry.

The plant should have about 18 inches space, and it needs well-drained, loamy, and loose soil. Sometimes it grows 1-2 feet high. Plant your stevia at the end of the frost.

Use mulch in summer days to prevent drying. The plant will rot in soggy soil, so make sure you provide a nice drainage system.

Trim off nay flowers in fall to boost the leaves. Stevia flowers are white. The leaves reach their sweetest level in autumn, right before the blooming phase.

Dry your stevia leaves as you do with other plants. Avoid metal surfaces, and dry the leaves in the sun. This should take about a day.

Keep your dried stevia leaves in a container, and you can also crush them into fine powder.